Landscaping Tip: The Importance of a Smart Drip Irrigation System

Denver is considered a semi-arid climate, meaning it is halfway to being a desert. The dry climate can be harsh on plants, which need air, sun, nutrients, and water to survive. To ensure your property’s appearance is maintained, a smart irrigation system should be utilized. Watering only the top 3-4 inches of your plants, trees, and shrubs is only addressing shallow root growth and can lead to problems during periods of prolonged drought and high winds. A smart irrigation system can address deep root watering, helping vegetation to thrive.

There are 4 main benefits for using a drip irrigation system for your plants, trees, and shrubs.

  1. Water efficiency
  2. Saves time and costs
  3. Healthier plants
  4. Reduces weeds

Water Efficiency

Delivering water directly to the root zone of the plant through drip irrigation allows the water to seep slowly into the soil. With top watering, most water is lost through evaporation or water running off and does not allow water to reach the deep roots.  Drip irrigation can save 30%-70% compared to sprinkler irrigation.

Saving Time and Costs

A smart irrigation system allows you to “set it and forget it” since the system allocates the correct amount of water based on climate and soil conditions, it saves you from overwatering – reducing your water bill compared to a sprinkler or manual watering. The system can also notify you of any issues before you begin to see the deterioration of your plants, grass, trees, or shrubs.

Healthier Plants

Drip emitters deliver a slow and steady water supply, allowing moisture levels to be maintained and plants to reach maximum productivity and avoid fungal diseases from occurring. Fungal diseases can occur when the soil is too moist, and the plant is receiving too much water.  

Reduces Weeds

With the direct allocation of water to the plants, the soil between the plants receives less water, ensuring you are not producing a breeding ground for weeds.

In Denver’s semi-arid climate, maintaining lush landscapes requires savvy solutions like smart irrigation systems. By addressing deep root watering, these systems foster plant resilience against drought and wind, offering numerous benefits. Drip irrigation not only enhances water efficiency, but also slashes time and costs while promoting plant health and minimizing weed growth. At DCPS, we specialize in optimizing commercial landscapes with smart irrigation solutions tailored to the local environment.