From corporate headquarters to sprawling office complexes, DCPS services a wide range of office facilities with a variety of commercial property services. We understand the Colorado environment, and with the latest equipment, methods, and products, we deliver a professional image and aesthetic to your property to attract and retain tenants and provide a healthier work environment for clients and visitors.


Free property evaluations

One-stop broad service offering

A service program customized to your property, goals, and budget

        Professional crew with decades of experience and technical knowledge

Detailed communication and progress reports

      One-time or contractual services based on property needs 


Parking Structures

A visitor’s overall perception of a business can be influenced by their first touch point: parking. Regular maintenance is necessary to maximize the life of parking structures. Parking garages are prone to deterioration that is exasperated by elemental exposure, dynamic vehicle load, expansion, and contract, thermal and dynamic movement, de-icing chemicals, freeze thaw, and so much more. Our team of experts evaluate your property and identify causes to build a customized plan that addresses current needs and future maintenance to ensure you extend the life of your parking structure.

Curb appeal

Create and eye-catching property and make an ideal first impression for everyone entering your office by boosting your building’s curb appeal. Keeping grass green, trees trimmed, plants healthy, creating outdoor areas of respite, maintaining walkways and stairs, and applying a fresh coat of paint to the exterior are all ways to keep your property safe and attractive to potential tenants. When a property is well-maintained, there is greater potential to ask for higher rent.

Deliver an aesthetically pleasing and healthy work environment

We create customized maintenance plans to fit your property requirements.


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Colorado PERA

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