From hospitals to medical office buildings, we work to keep your premises safe for employees, patients, and visitors so you can operate efficiently and reduce liability. Gardens with shaded areas and even well-maintained sidewalks and parking lots are a few of our focus areas to ensure patients, visits, and employees can easily navigate the premise. Our industry experts develop detailed plans to deliver cost-effective property service solutions.


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Creating a comfortable and safe environment for patients and visitors can have positive effects. For those experiencing trauma and injury, having a beautiful space outside the walls of a healthcare facility can be soothing. Well-maintained plants, trees, and flowers can boost positivity and reduce stress and anxiety.


There is constant flow of vehicle and pedestrian traffic in parking areas, driveways, and walkways at medical centers and healthcare facilities. From patient pickup and drop off and ambulance unloading areas, it is critical to ensure all cracks and uneven pavement are repaired, and debris, snow, or ice are not present – keeping visitors safe from slip or trip hazards, causing additional injury.

Keeping your property safe

We deliver strategic service plans to keep your employees, patients, and visitors safe, operation efficient, and an aesthetically pleasing property.


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