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Snow and ice management for zero-tolerance properties

Hospital Campuses

Snow and ice management


Denver Metro Area


Multiple zero tolerance healthcare properties were not up to standard for snow and ice removal.


Healthcare facilities are zero-tolerance sites, held to higher standards than standard commercial properties – when it comes to snow and ice removal. The snow removal services for this group of medical and rehabilitation center properties were not meeting standards. Communication from vendor was poor. The attention to details were overlooked thus leaving the properties in a state of higher risk.


Build a customized snow and ice management plan that considers all of the property’s specific needs and potential hazards.

Our snow management team worked with the facility director to develop site-specific plans for all five locations. Our dedicated site managers monitored the properties before, during, and after every snow, providing a detailed report including photos of each property. Also, a proactive communication plan from site manager to facilities manager was put in place to give notice of upcoming snow events, and to send progress reports during and after each event. Site managers monitor peak traffic areas to make sure all doctors, nurses, and patients have a safe path to the buildings. They also ensure that all snow melt piles are in the approved locations, and perform a detailed quality control inspection of the entire property to ensure safety.

“As the manager of 5 healthcare facilities, the #1 reason I choose DCPS and continue to use them is their responsiveness, attention to detail, communication, and accountability. In a healthcare setting, we are held to a higher standard for snow and ice removal, and DCPS has helped us meet those standards consistently across all the properties I manage for the last 5-years.”
Troy, Director, Facilities

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