First impressions can make all the difference. Routine operations are necessary for retail spaces due to continuous high traffic levels. Ensure your building delivers an inviting atmosphere and inspiring environment for customers with well-maintained parking lots, fresh exterior paint, landscaping, and more!


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Your parking lot is one of the first areas a customer encounters on your property. Keeping it neat and presentable is an easy way to make a great first impression and increase your property’s visual appeal. From routine sweeping to repairing or replacing damaged concrete or asphalt surfaces keeps a tidy and safe parking lot.  Make sure signage is easy to understand and areas are clearly labeled to safeguard against accidents and create a pleasant experience for customers.


Stand out among the competition and deliver a superior first impression with a clean and safe property. Creating an inviting atmosphere and safe shopping experience for customers is as simple as sprucing up the building exterior with a fresh coat of paint, repairing walkways and steps, planting flowers, maintaining grass and trees, and conducting routine sweeping services. Our team of highly skilled experts in paint and construction, landscaping, asphalt and concrete, and snow and sweeping management, are ready to help you improve your property’s curb appeal.

Deliver a welcoming and inviting atmosphere

We keep your property safe and visually appealing to keep visitors coming back.


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Stream Realty Restoring a damaged retail shopping parking lot
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DCPS will partner with you to create a multi-year maintenance plan that fits your long-term budget and maximizes the appearance and life of your parking lot