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DCPS will partner with you to create a multi-year maintenance plan that fits your long-term budget and maximizes the appearance and life of your parking lot

Asphalt Maintenance

The primary reason for bad pavement conditions and distress is lack of proper asphalt maintenance. 

The two best preventative maintenance tools to keep your asphalt water resistant, maximize its lifespan, and reduce your operating and capital costs are:

  • Crack Sealing
  • Seal Coating
Crack Sealing

All asphalt will develop cracks over time, but you can minimize the problems and costs of cracks by proactively sealing them to reduce water penetration and the resulting damage to your asphalt.

Seal Coating

Even if you seal all visible cracks, the effects of time, traffic, and Colorado’s tough weather combine to reduce the water-resistance of asphalt. Periodic seal coating (every 2-3 years) is required to restore your asphalt’s water resistance, maximize its lifespan, and reduce your long-term costs.

Asphalt Patching

When asphalt is damaged more than crack seal and seal coat can repair, you can remove damaged asphalt spots and apply new asphalt.

DCPS will walk your entire property to determine exactly where to patch and whether a partial depth or full depth patch is required to restore your asphalt’s structural integrity and extend its lifespan.

Asphalt Paving

When crack seal, seal coat, and patching can no longer extend the life of your parking lot, we can still restore your parking lot to like-new condition with a Mill & Overlay or a Remove & Replace.

Mill & Overlay restores your parking lot to like-new condition by removing the top layer of asphalt (called “Milling”) and replacing it with a fresh layer of new asphalt (called “Overlay”). As long as the asphalt sub-base is undamaged, you can Mill & Overlay your parking lot instead of doing a costlier full depth Remove & Replace.

Mill & Overlay can restore water resistance, fix drainage issues, dramatically improve the appearance, and significantly extend the life of your parking lot.

Remove & Replace is needed when the asphalt sub-base is damaged and won’t adequately support vehicular traffic. We can remove the full depth of your asphalt, repair the sub-base and apply a new surface using advanced laser leveling and GPS technology to re-establish proper grade and drainage.

New Asphalt Installation

If you are doing construction that includes paving a new parking lot, we can handle the entire construction process from grading, to preparing the sub-base, to paving the parking lot.

Striping and Pavement Markings

We put the finishing touches on your asphalt to ensure traffic flows efficiently in and out of your parking lot. Our services include parking stall striping, curb painting, traffic arrows and signage, crosswalks, speed bumps, and custom stenciling where required.

ADA Compliance

We install and repair ADA parking stalls and sidewalk access ramps to help keep your parking lot ADA compliant.


Most parking lots have concrete curbs and gutters, drainage v-pans, ADA handicap access ramps, and loading docks or ramps. We offer full removal and replacement services for all of your parking lot’s concrete structures.

Concrete Foundations/Walls

Commercial building foundations and walls are more susceptible to failure and wear and tear due to the heavy traffic and pressure exercised on them. We provide installation for concrete foundations and walls for new construction properties.

  • Grade beams
  • Spread and strip footings
  • Foundation walls
  • Retaining walls
Concrete Flatworks

Locations such as sidewalks, pool decks, parking lots, landings, and other paved areas can benefit from the durability of concrete. Our team of experts is familiar with the installation and maintenance of interior and exterior flatwork.

  • Drain Pans
  • Sidewalks
  • Exterior paving
  • Patios
  • Pool decks
  • Slab on Grade
  • Equipment pads
  • Bollard installs
  • Stairs/Landings

Working with DCPS is amazing. I have received more compliments on the crew’s performance and how quickly they completed the project than with any other work I have had completed on this facility.

David Moravek, Security and Facilities Manager at Microchip Technology Inc.

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DCPS will partner with you to create a multi-year maintenance plan that fits your long-term budget and maximizes the appearance and life of your parking lot

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Our advanced equipment produces the highest quality and consistency. We invested in all new equipment including a milling machine and pavers. That means we self-perform all of our work to the highest standard. No sub-par subcontracting.

Our Process

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Onsite Observation

Our 20+ year asphalt industry veterans are available to accompany you on-site to discuss your key issues and concerns. We will perform a complete property walkthrough, taking photos and detailed notes to assess the condition and safety of the asphalt and concrete on your property.

Generate Proposal

We will create a custom proposal for your property needs. This will include photos, detailed notes of our assessment, and comprehensive recommendations.

Customized Work Plan

Before we start your project, we develop a custom work schedule detailing what times work will be performed to minimize tenant and customer disruptions at your property. Once we begin, We will send a daily progress report detailing updates and the work performed on your property.


DCPS will partner with you to create a multi-year maintenance plan that fits your long-term budget and maximizes the appearance and life of your parking lot