Early College Education Facility

Tile, concrete façade, soffits, and trim repair

Early College Education Facility

One story school building


Colorado Springs, CO


A recently acquired building required renovations due to damaged tile, concrete façade, soffits, and trim.


Intending to create a community of learning and build a culture of schools that focus on academic, career, and personal success, CEC acquired a building in Colorado Springs. However, the building had significant wear and tear and showed signs of deferred maintenance on the exterior.


We delivered one point of contact and a competitively priced solution for interior waterproofing and exterior construction work.

Our team of experts walked the property, documenting all interior and exterior issues with detailed notes and photos. Once awarded the project, our Waterproofing and Paint and Construction divisions worked together to build a detailed work schedule and communicate regularly with the customer to ensure they were informed at each stage throughout one point of contact, delivering a seamless process.

Due to inclement weather conditions, DCPS started interior renovations, removing existing tile from the cafeteria floor which had experienced cracking due to the concrete substrate underneath. After removing the tile and carpet, our team burnished the concrete for a smooth and polished appearance. As weather conditions allowed, our crew began restoring the concrete façade, soffits, and trim, repaired and painted areas of concrete there chipped – matching the existing color, and removed and replaced damaged caulking with new commercial grade caulk. To deliver curb appeal and ensure safety, we painted the railings and removed unused electrical conduits, wires, and pipes mounted on the building exterior. And to ensure their assets were protected from the elements, we sealed joints where the roof and walls meet and applied a waterproofing coating on the concrete.

The new building now reflects the brands and will expand CEC’s network of schools to include a homeschool enrichment program, provide an in-house scratch food service for student breakfast and lunch, and expand their career technical education programs – providing students with an environment that lives up to the organization’s goal.

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