Golden Triangle Luxury Apartment Complex

Apartment Complex Pool Tile Renovation

Golden Triangle Luxury Apartment Complex

Multifamily complex in the heart of Denver, CO.


Denver, CO


A luxury residential community had tiles falling off and creating hazards in their infinite edge pool.


The Spanish colonial tile used to deliver a modern aesthetic to this 16-story residential community was failing – falling off, producing sharp edges, and creating a dangerous situation for residents.


During the inspection and evaluation process, it was evident that tiles in the pool area were failing.

After several unsuccessful attempts to repair the failing tiles, the customer determined a full retile and replaster of the infinite pool was necessary.

To maintain the same aesthetic, our team sourced tile from Spain. The high-quality title is frost-resistant, slip-resistant, and thermal shock resistant. To adhere the imported tile to the walls, our team first removed the existing tile, and acid washed the pool, and then installed a new line of epoxy, especially designed for the application of mosaic and ceramic tile. The new product has no organic solvents, is waterproof, and is easy to apply, taking our team only two weeks to complete the project.

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