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Specializing in landscape maintenance, irrigation and tree health care

Landscape Design & Maintenance

Turf fertilization
Weed control
Bed weed control
Seasonal clean up
Mowing, trimming, and blowing
Native mowing
Landscape enhancements & designs

Tree inventory
Insect control
Pest control
Tree preservation services

Irrigation & Water Management

System startup
Weekly inspections
Weekly repairs
Winterization & Shutdowns
Installation Services
Audits to improve water & use efficiency

Custom Landscaping Solutions from Design to Maintenance & Plant Care

Using our horticultural expertise to make landscape thrive.

Weed Control

Proper weed control always involves responsible cultural practices. We utilize pre and post-emergent weed controls in turf areas, flower beds, rock, and mulched areas. We will also periodically spot treat the areas to control your weeds to ensure your property continues to thrive.

Turf Fertilization

Our turf fertilization program is essential to achieving a thick and healthy lawn through proper mowing, watering, and fertilization techniques. We also offer nutrient programs for your trees including watering services during hot and dry months.

Tree Deep Root Fertilization and Watering, and Winter Tree Watering

Tree Health Care

Our team of horticultural and landscape specialists assess and prioritize the health care needs of your trees, plants, and shrubs by focusing on the insects that could destroy your landscaping or even become hazardous to pedestrians such as the mealy bug and kermes scale.

Landscape Maintenance

DCPS is proud to have a team of lawn, shrub, and tree care experts. We use the finest premium precision mowers known as the industry for mowing turf. We utilize mulching decks which are much safer for the operator and bystanders as it reduces the possibility of any material or rock discharge that might damage a person or property. We also sharpen our cutting blades daily to deliver the finest cut possible on your property.

Landscape Construction

From hardscapes to softscapes, big or small, our landscape contractors ensure the design is cohesive, has longevity, and complements the existing space. With longer-term maintenance costs kept in mind, our design and implementation focus on sustainability.

  • Tree and shrub planting
  • Retaining walls
  • Drainage
  • Rooftop landscape
  • Grading
  • Site furnishing
  • Pavers
Landscape Design and Enhancements

Enhancements can instantly add value to your property. Whether it’s plant replacement, a beautiful seasonal flower display, or a complete re-design and installation, our landscape professionals can take our vision from concept to completion.

  • Landscape Enhancements
  • Landscape Design and Installation
  • Pruning
  • Turf Aeration
  • Turf Health Care
  • Drainage
  • Rooftop Landscapes
  • Turf Installation
  • Grading
  • Shrub and Lawn Care

As part of our irrigation service, we will monitor your existing irrigation system closely and make any necessary changes to your watering schedule to reduce your water consumption without compromising your plant and turf quality. Through this process, the final results are sustainable economic benefits while incorporating socially responsible practices.

DCPS is absolutely amazing, and the landscaping team has been invaluable the past couple of months. DCPS is the best thing that’s happened to our landscaping for many years.

Rick, Property Manager at Industrial Manufacturing Facility

Certified Team of Horticulturalists

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Softscapes & Landscaping Construction Professionals

We offer customized designs based on your aesthetic objectives, the surrounding plants, landscaping and your overall budget.

Our Process

Onsite Observation

No escort or appointment needed. Our team will walk your property grounds taking photos and assessing the health and safety of your landscape.

Generate Report

Create a report of findings with our photos taken onsite with a comprehensive assessment of trees, turf, weeds, and overall recommendations for your commercial landscape.

Virtual Meeting

Present our report of findings with custom solutions for your properties tree health care, weed, turf, and our landscaping recommendations.

Talk to a Landscape Professional

DCPS will partner with you to create a multi-year maintenance plan that fits your long-term budget and maximizes the appearance and life of your parking lot