Protect Your Property: How to Safeguard Trees from Summer Storms

Summer storms are an inevitable reality, particularly in Colorado, where fluctuating temperatures often bring about extreme winds capable of turning trees into potential hazards. While it’s impossible to fully ‘storm-proof’ trees, proactive steps can significantly reduce risks and liabilities associated with potential harm to people and property.


It is important to prioritize proper tree pruning in preparation for summer storms. Storms can carry heavy winds, pruning trees redistributes weight away from branch ends, reducing wind impact. Thinning out the canopy improves wind passage, while removing diseased or damaged branches enhances tree health.


If you are unsure how to prune your trees, it is best to contact a certified arborist. They can also conduct a full inspection of the trees on your property. They look for weak points and cavities that leave the tree susceptible to splitting and inspect dead branches or hanging limbs which all pose a threat to pedestrians and vehicles.

If left untreated, even without storm conditions, these issues can be hazardous.

Year-Round Pruning

Consistent watering of trees and plants is crucial for root system moisture. Even in colder months, watering prevents dryness, keeping both the root zones and the tree canopy healthy. If your irrigation system is disables during winter months, it is best to contact a landscape contractor or a certified arborist to build a winter irrigation strategy.

Clearance Awareness

During the inspection process, identify trees that are not within proper clearance including encroaching on roofs, windows, signage, or lighting.  Proper clearance prevents storm-related damage to buildings, maximizes lighting efficiency in parking areas, and ensures all signs are visible.

Don’t wait for disaster to strike. Ensure your property is protected from summer storms with a complimentary walkthrough by our team of landscaping and arboriculture experts.