Year-Round Parking Lot Management Services

Keep your walkways clear & accessible with our snow management and power sweeping services.

Snow Management

While snowstorms may be unpredictable, you can count on us with over 400+ snow removal professionals always on call

Sweeping Services

In the last six years, our sweeping department has grown from 170 properties to 700+ properties managed with quality service

Customized Snow Management Plans

Customized snow management plans
that focus on efficiency, safety, and tenant priorities

Snow Removal

From industry-standard snow practices to ASCA standards, DCPS puts together a comprehensive snow action plan tailored to each site(s) needs. In addition, DCPS conducts quality control audits during the event, and several days/nights after each snow event until no further action is needed. Our management team diligently looks for hazards, confirms correct snow pile placement, and photographs the property for documentation purposes. Our proactive approach to quality control significantly reduces your exposure to liability on your property.

Risk & Assessment

When we examine your property, we put together a comprehensive action plan. We identify any potential hazards that could lead to problems and ensure that our crews are aware of them. During this time, we locate areas with heavy foot & automobile traffic and instruct our crews to make sure that those zones receive pretreatment & extra salt. We also educate our crews on how to get to each property, where the nearest salt storage locations are, and the paths that will need more attention while plowing. Such preparations allow us to estimate how much time it should take to service your property with great accuracy. We’ll use those estimates to track our crews’ performance and efficiency throughout the season.

Ice Abatement

Ice Abatement is an aspect of snow removal that should never be compromised. Here at DCPS, we use cutting edge technology to ensure efficiency & consistency. We have a large fleet of over 35 full-size ice slicer trucks and always keep backup equipment to ensure we have enough resources to keep your properties safe. We also utilize temperature stamped photos, and detailed weather reporting to help our team stay ahead when identifying needs for consistent ice control.


Our Sweeping Division routinely provides power sweeping services for commercial properties, industrial warehouses, and business parks tailoring our services to meet the specific needs of each customer.

GPS Monitored Trucks

We use primarily NiteHawks OSPREY sweepers and know within six inches where our trucks are at all times and how long they are at each property.

Price Competitive

Since we work for many properties, our routes are dense so we don’t have to pay a lot of drive-time, which allows us to be very price competitive.

Exterior Porter Services

Exterior porter services are vital for your facility’s appeal and security. Our service consists of maintenance, safety, and liability reporting. Regular inspections by our crew ensure timely repairs, reducing the risk of injury. Having extra staff on-site also enhances security, deterring criminal activity. By utilizing these services, your commercial property’s value, tenant satisfaction, and reputation can significantly improve, attracting customers and retaining tenants.


Porter Services

· Pick up perimeter trash and other debris

· Clean trash enclosures 

· Empty trash cans, cigarette butts, and dumpster areas

· Clean windowsills and frames, and remove cobwebs

· Clean & sanitize handrails 

· Weed and flower bed clean up 

· Change exterior light bulbs

As the manager of 5 healthcare facilities, the #1 reason I choose DCPS and continue to use them is their responsiveness, attention to detail, and accountability. In a healthcare setting, we are held to a higher standard for snow and ice removal, and DCPS has helped us meet those standards consistently across all the properties I manage for the last 5-years.

Troy, Director, Facilities

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Low Tolerance Experts

Our team specializes in high touch, low-tolerance sites including medical, airports, and government properties. We keep your property safe for the duration of any snow event.

Our Process

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Onsite Observation

No escort or appointment needed. Our team will walk your property grounds taking photos and assessing the health and safety of your property.

Generate Report

Create a report of findings with our photos taken onsite with a comprehensive assessment, and overall recommendations for your commercial property.

Virtual Meeting

Present our report of findings with custom solutions for your properties, and our recommendations.

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