C. Springs Apartment Community

Concrete Parking Lot Repair

C. Springs Apartment Community

478-unit apartment complex


Colorado Springs, CO


The incorrect installation resulted in the complete failure of the parking lot.


Built in 2009, a 478-unit apartment community in Colorado Springs suffered parking surface failure due to incorrect installation during the original construction.


Due to the damage, DCPS recommended a complete removal and replacement of most of the parking lot.

The parking surface had started to fail due to the initial design and installation during the original construction. The depth pavement for this should have been between 4″ to 6″ thick depending on location, and in many cases, core samples illustrated that the depth was only 2″. Because of the incorrect installation, the asphalt experienced extensive cracking and buckling, causing safety hazards for its residents, visitors, and staff. Since residents still needed access to parking, DCPS developed a multi-phased plan for the removal, recompacting, and replacement of approximately 10,200 square feet of failing asphalt parking surface. The 15 days project plan ensured a limited amount of inconvenience to residents. The DCPS Asphalt and Concrete crew started with a deep repair, including a complete mill and overlay, even replacing some areas with concrete, a more durable material. Next, the team replaced over 250 square feet of concrete sidewalk and striped and repainted an estimated 450 square feet of parking stalls. Overall, the community manager was pleased with the work – complementing our team on their professionalism, courteousness, promptness, and expertise, and expressed their gratitude for a job well done.

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