Retail Center Parking Lot

Asphalt mill and overlay for parking lot

Retail Center Parking Lot

S. Broadway Retail Center


Denver, CO


Asphalt mill and overlay for retail parking lot


A large popular retail store’s parking lot, centered in the middle of a shopping complex, was in disrepair.


Rejuvenate the parking lot with a mill and overlay and without disrupting the store’s business operations.

A large retail parking lot in the heart of a bustling commercial shopping center had years of neglect, which led to significant deterioration. Recognizing the threat it caused to customer safety, the store’s reputation, and the glaring difference between it and surrounding lots, the customer partnered with DCPS to restore the parking lot to its former glory.

The vast 236,500 square foot parking lot was long overdue for maintenance resulting in the need for a 2-inch mill and overlay, painting and/or restriping of 669 stalls, crosswalks, and specialty areas. To minimize disturbance during business hours, DCPS devised a meticulous plan, conducting the milling process at night when the store was closed and laying the asphalt in the early morning before the store opened its doors for customers. This strategy ensured the bulk of the work occurred during non-operational hours, minimizing disruption and inconvenience.

By utilizing state-of-the-art equipment, DCPS ensured the evenness and quality of the surface, guaranteeing durability and longevity. Despite the substantial area to cover, DCPS’s dedicated team and efficient work methods enabled them to meet the deadline, and the retail store remained open during the weeklong process.

DCPS demonstrated that strategic planning, effective execution, and a focus on customer needs can revitalize a deteriorating parking lot, turning it into a secure, well-functioning, and aesthetically pleasing area.

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