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Restoring a damaged retail shopping parking lot

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Retail Parking Lot


7252 N, Academy Blvd. Colorado Springs, CO 80920

Main Issues

Numerous potholes and cracks all through asphalt parking lot, broken concrete curbs, gutters, and drainage v-pans on the property.


All of the existing asphalt in a retail parking lot had completely failed. There were numerous large directional cracks and many large areas had severe “alligator” cracking. The parking stalls, drive lanes, and delivery areas had numerous large potholes which held water (drainage issues). That condition created large patches of ice which are an injury liabilities risk for the property owner. The property also had extensive damage to the concrete curb & gutter and drainage v-pans which contributed to the severe water drainage issues.

This retail center was occupied by four separate businesses and bordered by several more. All of those businesses needed to remain open during normal business hours in order to serve customers and receive deliveries during the paving process.


Because the asphalt damage was so deep, we recommended a full depth remove and replace of the entire asphalt parking lot. We also recommended remove & replace of approx. 300 linear feet of the concrete curb & gutter and drain v-pans to re-establish proper drainage of water away from the parking lot into storm drains. Since we needed to provide customer and vendor access to all of the surrounding businesses, we developed a three phase work map to minimize disruption to tenants and ensure smooth traffic flow through the parking lot for customers and vendor deliveries. This segmented work approach allowed all businesses to remain open during the three-day work schedule.

We completely removed the old, damaged asphalt in order to reach the underlying base material. After reaching the base, we “fine graded” it to re-establish proper grade for improved water drainage. With the asphalt removed and an improved grade, we removed and replaced the damaged concrete curbs & gutters and drain v-pans. After fixing the concrete, we repaved the entire parking lot while compacting and smoothing the surface. When paving was completed we repainted all parking stalls, handicap stalls, and all directional traffic markers. The end result was a brand new parking lot with proper drainage, that looked fantastic, and had reduced slip and fall risk.

"Our asphalt repair job was complicated because our tenants had to remain open to serve customers and take vendor deliveries while the asphalt and concrete repairs were performed. DCPS developed a custom work plan that kept our tenants open for business at all times. We also appreciated how DCPS kept us informed with frequent progress reports on the work being done."
Greyson Konkel, Project Manager- Construction

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