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Snow removal for a multi-site client

Stream Realty

30 Commercial Properties


Colorado Front Range

Main Issues

This property manager oversees many properties and needed to coordinate snow removal for all of them. 


This property manager needed to reduce the number of snow removal vendors and variables during a large snow storm. They needed one point of contact for all 30 buildings in their care.


We were able to take over all 30 properties on day one of a 6” snow storm without a hitch. We were able to effectively communicate and remove all snow, keeping the tenants happy throughout.

We coordinated with the property manager to create a customized service plan across all properties. Our snow removal teams maintained communication throughout the snow storm, sending text and image updates for all snow removal sites. We were able to provide consistent care for each property, allowing the property manager to feel confident that no trouble would arise. We provided one point of contact, one service plan, and one bill. Providing consistency and ease of mind is our number one priority.

"In Property Management you are only as good as the partners you work with. DCPS is a partner that I could not succeed without. Whether it is an emergency or a crazy odd situation, I know I can count on DCPS help me find a solution. In all the years that I’ve worked with DCPS on snow removal, I have never had a tenant call me to complain about lack of service. No matter how big the storm, they ALWAYS keep up with the storm and leave my properties looking like the best on the block. If ever there is an issue I can count on DCPS to make it right. They take and respect my properties when they are on them, whether it is for snow removal, asphalt work or day porter service. Everyone I have ever met that works at DCPS, has been wonderful and provided superb customer service. They are always my first call and always will be."
Georgia Ramirez, Property Manager

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