The RMR Group

Snow removal for zero-tolerance government properties.

The RMR Group

Multiple zero-tolerance government buildings.


Colorado Front Range & Cheyenne, WY

Main Issues

This property manager oversees many Colorado zero-tolerance government buildings with high-touch tenants. They also had an out-of-state government site that was neglected by their local contractor.


Zero-tolerance sites do not allow for snow accumulation during any snow event. This property manager had sites of this nature in Colorado and an unexpected issue in Wyoming during this snow event.


We utilized our consistent quality, strong communication, and thorough reporting to execute hundreds of square feet of snow removal for this client, both in and out of state.

We mobilized our snow removal team at the start of this snow storm and remained at the properties for more than 72 hours. We coordinated hand shovelers, skid steers, loaders and plows for each property as needed to be sure that the zero-tolerance requirement was maintained. When this property manager had a Cheyenne, WY site under serviced by their local snow removal vendor we were able to coordinate and deploy equipment within two hours of their call.

"DCPS went above and beyond during this record snow storm! We typically use their crew for our zero-tolerance locations across CO and they do a great job. This past storm however, we found ourselves in a sticky situation at our WY building where our existing contractor was no longer able to help us. Although, they ordinarily do not service out-of-state, I knew if anyone could help us, it would be them. After 1 call, DCPS was able to save the day! Their crew did an amazing job and we appreciate how hard they worked and on such short notice. Thank you DCPS for your commitment and willingness to help dig us out of a potentially disastrous situation. You all are the best!"
Julia Paluka, CPM, LEED GA/ Area Manager, Broker of Record

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