Denver Art Museum

Restoration of an outdoor parking garage.

Denver Art Museum

Prestigious art museum campus.


100 W 14th Ave Pkwy, Denver, CO 80204
Outdoor parking garage in need of partial concrete replacement, repair, and entirely new waterproofing coatings.


The Denver Art Museum’s parking garage had cracks and wear from the elements.


We provided new concrete for a portion of the garage, crack repair, and sealants for the rest. Restoring the garage to a better-than-new state.

This project was challenging due to inclement weather. We prepared in advance of rain, snow, and cold temperatures, being sure to not throw the project significantly off schedule, providing photo updates all along the way.

We began our work with the mechanical preparation on the newly poured concrete. The next task was to route out the existing cracks and apply the waterproof elastomeric sealant to all cracks.

Next we began the horizontal epoxy mortar repairs on the existing slab, and the broadcasting of the sacrificial slurry coat with flint to fill in all voids and large scaling areas.

After the epoxy had cured our team began the urethane detail over all control joints and deck, we reinforced these with poly fabric.

Next we applied the high wear, non-skid traffic coating- broadcasted to refusal with aggregate.

Last we touched up areas in need and began to remove our materials and tools. The final touch was to apply new striping. Our consistency, communication, and hard work was well received by our client.

“DCPS … Wow! We couldn’t be more impressed with the quality of workmanship, the level of service, and the professionalism displayed by your organization in the resurfacing efforts on our Cherokee St. Garage Deck! The Denver Art Museum considered several options before deciding to go with DCPS and it is clear we made the right choice. From start to finish the level of communication and the timeliness of the work was without compare. We have dealt with contractors before who promise the world and then fall short on delivery … not so with DCPS. It felt like at every turn we were getting more than we had hoped for! The process was smooth and efficient and we were kept continuously informed every step of the way. If you are looking for a high quality surface repair or replacement by a high quality Team, then DCPS is your answer. They will undoubtedly be our “go to” team in the future for any other surface work we need done! DCPS Rocks!”
Mark Baker, Director of Facilities

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