Windsor at Meadows Hills

Tree Health Evaluation and Aid

Windsor at Meadows Hills

Luxury apartments & grounds


4260 S. Cimarron Way Aurora, CO 80014

Main Issues

Dead and dying trees, suffering from neglect, harsh weather and insect damage. Lack of Plant Health Care plan.


The property was in need of an assessment of all trees. Many dead trees were in need of removal. After a thorough inspection by staff Tree Health expert Tony Hahn we discovered dead trees, caused by adverse weather conditions and insect damage that had been neglected for some time. Hahn also discovered Lilac Ash Borer and Native Oak Bore onsite that had unfortunately damaged trees, some to the point of death.


We installed an expert-developed tree pruning calendar that fit into the client’s two year budget schedule. We also implemented a Plant Health Care cycle for the properties trees to begin in 2021. This cycle will treat for the Lilac Ash and Native Oak Borer found on premises. Lastly, we carefully removed all dead trees and installed new trees that are more suitable to the site, weather conditions, and location.

We began by initiating tree pruning at the site, knowing that removal of safety hazards is of the utmost priority. We removed the dead trees and began stump grinding at the sites where trees were removed. We then installed new trees, chosen for their suitability to the location and weather. Finally, to insure lasting success, our Plant Health experts planned the property’s 2021 Plant Health Care cycle. This includes all tree pruning, removals, and installs. As well as addressing the presence of Lilac Ash and Native Oak Bore.

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