Littleton Multi-Family Property

Multi-Family property pool deck repair and waterproofing

Littleton Multi-Family Property

Luxury multi-family property


Littleton, CO


Failing pool deck in luxury multi-family property.


The concrete pool deck and steps were cracking, spalling, and experiencing extensive failure of the existing coating. Due to safety risks and overall appearance, the client requested a full resurface and protective coating of the pool deck.


During the observation process, our team noted failing joint sealant, and cracking and failing of the concrete due to elemental exposure, freeze-thaw, and expansion-contraction. The crew also identified improper preparation of the existing coating, which could have been a contributing factor to the failure of the concrete pool deck.

Our experienced waterproofing team prepared the existing concrete by grinding the surface to prepare the substrate properly. The team then repaired the concrete and routed all cracks and joints, accounting for proper movement and preventing further damage and safety hazards. To promote proper adhesion in the Colorado climate, an epoxy-based primer was applied prior to resurfacing the concrete with a polymer modified cement and custom texture. Finally, a textured, UV-protective, and durable acrylic topcoat was installed to provide a long-lasting appearance, and a non-slip finish meant to withstand the intense elemental conditions in Colorado.

"DCPS is top-notch when it comes to waterproofing and specialty coatings! I have used them as a preferred vendor for many projects totaling millions of dollars worth of work. They are always professional and keep me up-to-date while providing best-in-class service and solutions. I would refer them to anyone.”
Joe Montoya, Manager of Construction Service

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