Modera Observatory Park

Emergency waterproofing of an elevated balcony.

Modera Observatory Park

Luxury apartments in Denver, Colorado


1935 S Josephine St Denver, Colorado

Main Issues

Failed and leaking elevated balcony


The existing slab waterproof system failed. This waterproofing failure caused the wood subfloor, and consequently the ceiling of the unit below, to collapse and leak into the occupied unit.


We observed the assembly and selected the Sikalastic Deckpro elastomeric polyurethane traffic coating to be installed over the concrete topping slab. This provided the non-skid, elastomeric, waterproof, and aesthetically pleasing finish that the client was happy with.

We started by preparing the existing concrete topping slab by mechanically grinding it to create an approved condition for a waterproof coating. We then detailed all the cracks, joints, and interface details with a polyurethane sealant. Afterwards, we installed the Sikalastic Deckpro system which included the elastomeric polyurethane base coat and textured top coat to provide the non-skid finish.

"DCPS is Amazing! Our property needed an emergency taken care of literally on Christmas Day. I thought we were going to have to relocate residents to hotels, but this team made it happen. They were here for us and did it all with no problem. Our rep is amazing and so willing to help. We've decided to sign a monthly contract with them for land care. They are truly a one stop shop for everything. Highly recommended."
Carlos Garcia, Property Manager

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