Manhattan Tower & Lofts

Restoring a high-rise building’s facade with paint and repairs.

Manhattan Tower and Lofts by Windsor

High-end living spaces in a downtown high rise building.


1801 Bassett St. Denver, CO 80202

Main Issues

Out of date exterior paint was in need of update, outdoor balconies needed repair from weather damage.


The Manhattan Tower and Lofts suffered from very outdated exterior paint. Not only were the colors in need of an update but the paint itself was worn and dull from years of exposure to the elements.


Wash, repair, and paint the entire exterior of each building by utilizing our expert logistical, safety, and communication skills.

We began by outlining the scope of the project. We anticipated that it would take six weeks and a crew of 15 people to complete a job of this size. Our first task was to begin power washing the buildings to prepare them for painting. This included the concrete surfaces of the balconies regardless of the fact that they would not be painted. Next we removed any loose or scaling paint. We then scraped the balcony railings and prepared them for painting by wire brushing, sanding, and spot-priming where needed. Our preparation also included the painting of mechanical items and screens that were visible at the roof. We then submitted our Paint Spec & Warranty Letter with our bid.

Next we moved into the coordination phase with management. The logistics and problem solving for this job were a monumental task. We had to prepare for traffic control, street and parking permits, and safety measures. High work like this is very complicated and dangerous. We had weekly safety meetings and relied on experienced personnel to safely complete this challenging work. Another important consideration was how to accommodate the large equipment required for this task. We use two 85 foot lifts, one 150 foot lift and a swing stage, thus making this an extremely complicated project.

The last logistical hurdle was coordinating with residents and staff to have the balconies cleared for painting. Tenant’s experience is one of our top considerations, and we do everything we can to be as accommodating and easy to work with as possible. We organized our project into phases and used these phases to communicate with tenants so that they would be informed and willing to facilitate the swift completion of our project.

We coordinated with the designer at Windsor to select six exterior paint colors and got to work revitalizing the exterior of the Tower and Loft buildings. This all within the accelerated window of 39 business days.

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