Premier Condominium Property

Interior and Exterior Repairs

Premier Condominium Property

Spacious 1br-4br units


Beaver Creek, CO


Standard wear and tear on the interior and exterior of the building.


St. James Place in Beaver Creek, a premier condominium property, located in the heart of Beaver Creek Village needed interior renovations of units and common areas, as well as exterior building repairs due to years of standard wear and tear.


Our expert paint and construction team repaired and repainted all condo units and common areas including re-staining all doors and trim and address the exterior building issues by repairs the stucco and repainting the exterior.

Nestled in Beaver Creek Village with spacious one- to four- bedroom units and elegant touches, St. James Place attracts a prestige clientele that expect superior service and an exceptional, comfortable atmosphere. Therefore, logistics and communication were key in executing the renovations needed for this luxury condo building refresh. Due to the interior repaint and drywall work needed in the condos, units had to be taken off the market for rental or purchase. We created a detailed schedule and coordinated communication with the customer to ensure minimal disruption to tenants while the full scope of work was completed.

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