Public Storage

Fascia repair, soffit repair and gutter removal and replacement

Public Storage

Storage office building and adjoining shopping center.


Federal Heights, CO


Repair and replacement of shingle roof system, gutters, and flashing that were failing due to age and hail damage.


Upon initial inspection of the roofing system at the Public Storage office building and adjoining shopping center, it was clear that the roof was failing due to age and hailstorm damage.


To resolve the multiple issues identified by our roofing experts, DCPS selected a more durable asphalt shingle to replace the existing roof. An architectural shingle was selected – due to the high-quality material, wind rating of 80 mph to 120 mph, and extensive lifespan of up to 25 years.

The DCPS roofing team conducted an initial inspection. Multiple risks were identified, including missing shingles, excessive granule loss on the shingle, gutter damage, cracking and creaking of the substrate, exposed substrate and flashing, failing sealant around mechanical pipes, and missing mechanical pipe caps. Many of the areas of concern had the potential to become leak points. Therefore, the DCPS team addresses the emergency repairs during their onsite inspection due to an impending storm.

The existing failing 3 tab asphalt shingle roof system was replaced with a deep brown IR architectural shingle system. Approximately 608 sq. ft. of rotted plywood decking was changed, along with all mechanical flashing and piping, and old gutters.

To ensure minimal disruption to clients and patrons, the roof was installed in 1-day. Once the team gained access to the back side of the building, the gutter installation was completed in 2-days.

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