How Your Snow Management Team Can Support Your Landscaping Plan

Let Your Snow Removal Plan Help Guide Your Landscape Structure

A common issue that many commercial properties face is a lack of space allotted for snow storage during removal. This can lead to a build-up of snow in unwanted areas.

To avoid this, it’s important to create a plan that allocates a stockpile storage space for snow. If you create a space designed specifically for snow storage, the landscape is likely to last longer and maintain aesthetics that promote a welcoming environment to your customers.

Making Snow Stockpile Areas

These areas work best in 100-foot increments throughout the landscape. It is imperative to ensure that these locations are capable of withstanding the pressure, as snow accumulates during the winter months.

The placement of these areas should be out of the way of snowplows to ensure they can maintain their path while working. The stockpile area can be a section of the landscape that already exists or can be added to the property.

Beyond a Snow Removal Plan – Salting or Sanding

Salting and sanding can provide a safer walkway during the winter season. However, it is possible to over salt an area. This could lead to possible damage to your property over time and is harmful to the environment.

Instead, an effective drainage system for your property can help mitigate the need for large amounts of salt. When designing your property landscape, it is critical to keep this in mind so that it does not become a reoccurring issue every year.

When the snow has melted the remnant of salt or sand is left. It is crucial to clean the salt/sand effectively. Brushing it into any nearby plants could damage them. Therefore it’s best to remove the salt/sand from the location

Better Done Early Than Later 

Adding areas to your property to create stockpile storage for snow is possible, but it is easier to set up a location during pre-planning of the property landscaping. Working with a company that specializes in landscape and snow removal services ensures your property is being serviced accordingly for warm and cold months enabling landscaping for preventative snow measures making for an easier snow season every year.

Contact DCPS today so our snow team help make support your landscaping plan!