Littleton Apartment Complex

Repairs and paint, and parking lot mill and overlay

Littleton Apartment Complex

23-building luxury apartment complex


Littleton, CO


Regular wear and tear and weather including sun damage resulted in the need for exterior repairs and paint. Additionally, aging and failing asphalt was replaced with a mill and overlay complete with parking stall striping.


Due to regular wear and tear and exposure to the fluctuating Colorado climate, a 23-building luxury apartment complex, conveniently nestled at the foot of the Rocky Mountains required multiple exterior construction repairs and paint.


DCPS power washed, repaired, and painted the failing areas of each building. Due to the damage caused by the sun, a more durable paint was selected for the repaint.

Additionally, our asphalt team conducted a 2″ mill and overlay of 308,000 square feet of asphalt surface, utilizing our expert crews, continuous communication, and logistical skills to ensure minimal impact on residents.

During the evaluation stage, the DCPS team noticed the mixed material exterior façade, consisting of brick and lap siding. Therefore, the team built a multi-faceted approach to addressing the repairs and paint needs. And split the asphalt work into eight phases. Throughout the initial assessment process, the DCPS team documented areas of concern with photos, detailed notes, and recommendations for the client to make an informed decision.

Before beginning work, the DCPS team coordinated staff to inform residents of the work by providing an intuitive map highlighting work areas with corresponding dates and ensuring all areas addressed were clear of debris. Next, we completed the brick masonry, carpentry, and metal railing repairs.

Preparations for the exterior building work began with power washing and masking the exterior siding. In addition to repainting the siding, the trim, soffits, and garage doors were all repainted using brushes or rollers.

Due to the extensive property and multiple structures needing repair – clubhouse, pool house, garages, trash enclosures, and residential buildings, the six-person carpentry crew and twelve-person paint crew completed the job in approximately 120 days. The asphalt replacement took 16 days to complete.

DCPS achieved the completion of this large scale project by implementing a structured plan that included notification times, production times and durations, and direct and written communication with the onsite management to ensure all work was completed in a timely manner.

“Our property had to have a full exterior paint and carpentry repairs. The team from DCPS met with us initially to set project schedules, staging and workflow as well as overall client expectations. Throughout the project they provided both written and photo documentation of the work being performed as well as next step phased approach and how that will affect the community. The final product looks very good, and the professionalism of the team is second to none. If you have large capital projects in the future, I highly recommend that you have DCPS at the table when you are making your selection of vendor partners.”
Jessica Bergen, Community Manager

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