The Confluence

Maintain Three Story Residential Parking Garage

The Confluence

Multi-Story Parking Garage


1441 Little Raven St. Denver CO 80202

Main Issues

Parking Garage Neglected and in poor condition


The parking garage was dirty, covered in debris, and was worn from weather damage and time. The painted lines were in desperate need of refreshing. Tricky coordination and scheduling requirements were in need of expert navigation.


An extensive detailed sweep and power washing was needed in order to get the garage back into shape. We followed up these services with a re-stripe to have the lot looking like new again.

We worked with the building engineer, leasing office, and the property manager over three months to coordinate and schedule the garage restoration.

Each day the residents and building valet would move the cars to a level that we were not servicing in order to clear out a level.

Once we were able to get all the residents on the same page. We scheduled a sweep at 8am and a power wash at 9:30 am for each floor. Our services had to be executed without a hitch in order to ensure the power washing schedule was not delayed. For three consecutive days we executed both sweeping and power washing services successfully. Then followed up with a garage stripe in the same level-by-level fashion.

The expectations of the property manager, owners of the building, and residents were incredibly high. We were able to not only meet their expectations but impress them with our attention to detail, high level of execution and efficiency. The extensive job had to be performed in a very short period of time due to the dropping temperatures that would affect not only our pressure wash but the adhesion of the striping paint. We made the best of the time we had and utilized all resources available in order to successfully execute our services.

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