DCPS Expands Service Offering with In-House Welding

Denver, CO – June 24, 2024 

DCPS proudly announces the addition of comprehensive in-house welding services to its extensive portfolio of property service solutions. The team will be led by Matt Cannon, a seasoned veteran in welding technology and metals manufacturing.

“Matt’s career spans over two decades in welding and metal fabrication. His knowledge and skill set make him an invaluable asset in leading our team of welders and expanding our service capabilities. His leadership ensures that every project, from routine repairs to custom steel fabrications, is executed with the highest standards of quality and precision,” stated John Helm, Division Manager of Construction Services.

DCPS’s welding team specializes in ornamental and light structural metal repair and fabrication, offering a wide range of solutions aimed at restoring, enhancing, and creating metal structures and components. DCPS’s technicians are equipped with advanced techniques in coating and refinishing metal surfaces, ensuring rejuvenated and protected results with impressive aesthetics.

“Rust, broken or rotten metal, damage, peeling paint on metal surfaces, and spalling of concrete where metal is present, are all common issues we see on commercial and multifamily properties. Bringing these services in-house enables us to swiftly address such concerns, facilitating the prompt repair and refinishing of trash enclosures, gates, handrails, fencing, and stairs for our valued customers,” continued Helm.

A unique aspect of DCPS’s welding services is the expert mobile services, which bring skilled technicians directly to client sites, offering maximum convenience and efficiency. This mobile capability is designed to meet the diverse needs of clients, offering repair, customization, and new installations on-site.

About DCPS

Founded in 2011, DCPS provides commercial property services to over 1,100 clients across Colorado. DCPS leverages unparalleled customer service to be the dominant, one-stop provider of commercial property services in Colorado. With multiple offices, more than 200 employees, and 7 divisions – Asphalt and Concrete, Waterproofing and Specialty Coatings, Roofing, Snow Removal, Parking Lot Sweeping, Landscaping, Repair and Maintenance, and Construction Services, DCPS provides specialized integrated service solutions to commercial property owner and managers.

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Gina Kelley, Marketing Director