Aurora Sport and Training Facility

Implement and maintain cleaning strategies

Achieve Sports Facility

A large, multi-floor sport and training facility.


Aurora, CO


Implementing innovative robotic solutions and a collaborative approach to maintain a pristine and welcoming sports facility for their community.


A bustling 7,000 square foot sports facility, frequented by numerous visitors daily and featuring diverse surface types, required a commercial cleaning provider capable of offering inventive solutions and working collaboratively with on-site staff to ensure continuous cleanliness and a pleasant atmosphere.


After receiving several bids for commercial cleaning services, Achieve Sports was impressed by DCPS’s sales force, communication, and comprehensive bid proposal. Due to the significant number of children and adults who frequent the facility on a daily basis, one major concern for Achieve Sports was the continuous buildup of hair on carpet bonded foam surfaces. DCPS’s commercial cleaning team worked collaboratively with Achieve Sports to vet various solutions until finding one that effectively addressed the issue, ensuring the facility remained pristine.

Achieve Sports submitted a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) and scope of services, to which DCPS responded with the most thorough and detailed plan for achieving and maintaining cleanliness in the expansive facility. DCPS even held separate meetings to clarify the facility’s needs, ensuring alignment and effective service delivery.

Acknowledging the significant expense of manpower for cleaning services, Achieve Sports saw potential in reducing costs by integrating robotics with DCPS’s cleaning team. DCPS successfully implemented robotics to clean various surfaces including concrete, hard tile, and sports turf, providing not only cost savings but also enhanced cleaning efficiency throughout the day.

Additionally, DCPS’s color coding system ensures that each surface is cleaned properly, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness throughout the facility.

Despite the challenges of cleaning a sports facility with a high volume of foot traffic, including numerous children and adults, DCPS has proven to be a reliable partner. With a dedicated team of two crew members working diligently every night, Achieve Sports’ facility undergoes a thorough 12-hour cleaning process, ensuring it remains clean, fresh, and welcoming to all visitors.

The partnership between Achieve Sports and DCPS exemplifies the power of collaboration in achieving and maintaining high cleanliness standards in a demanding environment. Through innovative solutions, thorough communication, and a commitment to excellence, Achieve Sports is able to continue to provide a clean and functional facility.

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